Facilities Fire Protection Ltd changed it’s name from Facilities System Building Services Limited on 1st April 2013, the company was originally formed in September 1997 in order to design, install, service and maintain specialist Fire Detection and Protection systems. The directors of the company decided to change the company name to be more in line with the companies business.

From the outset it was apparent that the growing computer industry plus increased level of sophistication of buildings and building management systems require a particular need for specialist Fire Protection systems with a strong emphasis on providing a high quality service backup.

Facilities Fire Protection Limited is able to provide an efficient and personal service to all our clients, for their projects and servicing requirements. With this in mind our company employs staff who are fully aware of the need to fulfil all of the customers’ requirements wherever possible. All our personnel are specially chosen not only for their technical ability but also for their customer approach.

The main benefit of this type of system is the ability to detect a potential fire condition at the incipient stage before a true fire develops.

The company utilises the latest state of the art air sampling technology techniques throughout the U.K. Experience in these techniques has been gained by working together with the manufacturers to provide the best and most reliable system. This combination has proved to be successful by way of the many installations of air sampling systems of varying sizes and applications that have been installed. The two main manufacturing companies we purchase from are – Vision Systems who are based in Hemel Hempstead and Airsense Technology who are based in Stevenage.

Facilities Fire Protection Limited has a team of 8 qualified and experienced service personnel based primarily around the south east and the south midlands area; however this team is slowly growing further. This growing team of engineers are able to service and maintain all forms of fixed fire extinguishing systems, hand portable extinguishers, fire detection systems (both conventional and analogue addressable) and aspirating smoke detection systems, rising mains and hydrants.  For sprinkler systems we would employ the services of an L.P.C. approved specialist.

From the outset much emphasis was placed by the company on providing the customer with a strong and capable engineering facility in project management, installation, commissioning and service. To this end Facilities Fire Protection Limited has a full 365day, 24hr call out facility, the number of which is given out only to the service customer base.

The company is actively promoting a replacement extinguishant for Halon 1301 in line with the Montreal Protocol. We have the experience of designing & installing FM200, Argonite, CO2 and Water Mist extinguishant systems.

Our company is currently based in Stoke Mandeville in Aylesbury, which we believe is a good central location for the south and the south east of the country. Since the formation of the company we have increased our customer base to the extent that we have shown steady growth in the level of personnel to cope with the increased level of business.

From our offices, the company can offer sales, system design, project management, commissioning and servicing for most sizes or complexity of projects.

Over the past few years we have been accredited with the SAFE CONTRACTOR approval which predominately recognises that our company is working fully in line with all the current health & safety regulations.

In 2007 we decided that it would benefit the company to gain a further independent professional bodies approval; with this in mind we applied to the N.S.I. (National Security Inspectorate) and BAFE (British Approvals For Fire Equipment). Both the NSI & BAFE have three levels of approval these being Bronze – Silver & Gold. These three levels have various categories; Design – Installation – Servicing & British Standard 5839 Part 1 2002 Knowledge. We decided that the Silver Award was the level of accreditation we wanted. Having submitted our application and their Senior Inspectors had visited various installations we had completed they then awarded our company with the Silver Accreditation on our first submission in ALL of the aforementioned categories. In January 2010 we have now been accredited with Constructionline approval having completed all the necessary documentation to their high & exacting standards.

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